You care about issues that matter.

You have a powerful vision and a deep longing to make the world a better place.

And now more than ever, the future needs you.

With your inspired vision, heart-fuelled idea (or few!) and your passion-soaked purpose, you’re ready to
champion your cause and make a real impact.


But changing the world ain't always easy.

Frustration, exhaustion, complex problem solving and the need for limitless commitment (combined with a very thick skin!) are all everyday realities - and battles - of the change maker calling.

At Sphera Change Makers, we educate and empower entrepreneurs, start-ups, creatives, coaches, bloggers,
and professionals alike to grow the skills, resilience and wellbeing for making change happen.

To illuminate your vision and transform your ideas into real-world, change-making, game-changing brilliance.




Sphera Change Makers is a home base, training ground and sanctuary for the aspiring champions and guardians of our global future.

We know that you can change the world, but we also know it isn't always easy. Stress, burnout and isolation can take a heavy toll on your commitment and wellbeing. And if you're not feeling good, how can you do good?? So we’re here to help illuminate your vision, demolish the road blocks, enlighten your professional and personal development and guide you to making the greatest impact possible.

Harnessing game-changing research from the fields of psychology, entrepreneurship and social change, our resources and services will give you the skills, wellbeing, resilience and influence to do what you do best: make the world a better place.

Ready to elevate your cause, lead the change and transform the status quo? Let's do it.


Need a workshop for your organisation or have a change maker challenge to solve?

We have a range of tailored consulting options for
change making organisations and individuals.

Tired of being a lone wolf?

Your pack is waiting for you here. Share the successes, struggles and strategies of being a change maker with our active and engaged community.